noblest rogue - trenery lookbook


Following on from last week’s look at the Country Road Spring Collection (here), here is what Trenery have to offer this spring. Trenery offer collections which are sophisticated, modern in approach and timeless in style. Their clothes have an easy elegance. It’s in the flattering cut and the subtle details, the colour palette and the luxe fabrications. Combined, these elements give the collections an incomparable measure of quality and Trenery is my first port of call when looking for everyday business attire with a touch of understated style. Check out their Spring Collection.

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noblest rogue - serena


Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have teamed up again as newlyweds in this 1930’s era thriller about the North Carolina based Pemberton timber Empire. Having previously worked together on critically acclaimed dramas ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and ‘American Hustle’, it seems like the two enjoy making movies together which have Academy Awards written all over them and this has me excited for ‘Serena’. The story sees Lawrence play Serena, who proves herself to be equal to any man by overseeing loggers, hunting rattle-snakes and even saving someone’s life in the wilderness. The passionate pair have power and influence in the palm of their hands, but things start to unravel when Serena discovers George’s hidden past and struggles with her own inability to conceive. Thrilling!

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noblest rogue: of monsters and men - king & lionheart


I’ve enjoyed the indie-folk tunes from Of Monsters and Men recently. The band is from Iceland and are pretty alternative. As most are who hail from Scandinavia. They’re music remains within the above mentioned indie-folk-vibe but the music videos they produce gives an insight into their vibe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning it. In fact, I kind of dig it. Check out the music video below for their song ‘King & Lionheart’. Most of their videos follow a similar theme. Regardless, the music is cool. Plugin and turn this up!

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noblest rogue - samsung smart microwave oven review


My third week of completing various tasks using the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven in the #MissionSamsung Blogger Challenge is drawing to a close and the fine people at Samsung have asked me to review the product. My understanding of this task is that I need to give their product one last punt on The Noblest Rogue in the hope that I say the right things and convince them to make me the winner of their third challenge and award me the Samsung Smart Microwave Oven as a prize. I am usually averse to such blatant exploitation however I have grown to enjoy my Samsung Smart Microwave Oven and would like to hold onto it and so will acquiesce their request for a product punt.

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noblest rogue - jean de villiers


It’s tough to put down in words how much I admire Jean de Villiers. I remember watching him jamming for Maties back in the day – which was a Wednesday by the way – and thinking to myself this chap can play rugby! It took some time before the world saw the talent he possessed, but once given the chance he soon establishing himself as one of the premium inside centres in the world. He has always had captain written all over him and it was only a matter of time before it got offered to him. He was my choice to pick up the mantle once The Race Pig retired and I was chuffed for him. I talk about JdeV as if he is one of my mates simply because that’s the impression he gives. Jean seems to be another one of the mates around the braai talking rugby. Except this mate is about to become only the fifth South African to play 100 Test matches for his country.

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noblest rogue - miley cyrus


Ya, so I don’t have much to say about this. Although Miley is super sexy and all, I’m not her greatest fan. Her attitude reminds of that little Bieber piece of shit, which irks me. But The Noblest Rogue isn’t about me. It’s about you. And you want to see this. So here it is, a little Miley Cyrus nip-slip. Naughty!

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