The Noblest Rogue Is Up And Running

So the Noblest Rogue is finally ready to rock. I’ve been working on this blog for a little over two months now and am finally happy with where it is at, both from a content and a visual perspective. I’m a bit of a stickler when it comes to knowing what I want – or in this case knowing what I wanted the blog to look like – and it took me awhile to find and settle on a look and theme.

I suppose I always knew deep down that I would start a blog and it was just a matter of taking the time and effort to get ‘er done. For a stage I was running my Facebook page as if it were a blog and the response from mates was great with a couple even asking if I had a blog which they could follow instead of logging onto Facebook. Facebook is reasonably limiting if you want to bring something of yourself across and this naturally led me to snoop around various hosts such as WordPress and Magento to see what options lay before me.

Who my target market would be was an easy one and I guess what I was going to blog about was reasonably straight forward. I am a guy gentleman who enjoys the finer things in life which keep me smiling. Things include running rugby, an ice-cold beer, a beautiful woman, a tailored waistcoat and sports jacket, a beautiful cover drive, quality chow, a glass of red wine, a styling pair of shoes and soul-stirring music – to name but a few – and it would make sense to give you my opinions on these. Also of importance to me is chivalry as this lost art – which represents a core ingredient of man’s makeup –  needs a serious revival. And so that’s what I’ll do.



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