Survive A Zombie Apocolypse

I caught World War Z the other night and my advice is that if you enjoy classic zombie films, then this ones right up your alley. Now I’m a fan of this genre to a degree and have had many convo’s with mates, whilst sipping on a wetty-or-two, as to what exactly we would do if a zombie apocalypse befell earth. Where would we go? What would we take with us? What would we arm ourselves with and which one of us would die first? So here are a list of my essentials to get you through the initial phase of a zombie apocalypse. Once you’re through that, you’re on your own.

Now when I say ‘initial’ I’m referring to the first 24 hours of carnage. This is the time period when mankind is blissfully unaware of the horror which is about to unfurl itself on their mundane lives. It’s the time period when all hell breaks loose and people get killed. This is the time period when the best thing to do is get out of the city and into the wilderness – Frodo Baggins style.

1. Apparel                                                                                                                                       Ok so in all honesty, you will probably have to flee in what you are wearing at the time. So make sure you’re wearing a pair of comfy, durable jeans – I would suggest a pair of Levi’s Commuter jeans – which are gonna allow you to go from zero to full speed whilst sidestepping zombies and jumping over fences. On your hoofs, again, you are looking for something durable which will a) keep you moving forward and b) last out the harshness of the wilderness – here I would suggest having a look at a pair of CAT Vinson boots – as they not only look capable of smashing in a zombies head but you can rest assured you’re gonna be the sharpest looking dude in your crew of survivors. Torso wise you are gonna want something which allows for movement but which will also keep you warm at night – have a look at the Terrex Swift Cocona Hooded Fleece Jacket from Adidas. What would an outdoor adventure be without a beanie? Check out this sweet Liam knitted beanie from Old Khaki.

2. Weapons                                                                                                                               These items are naturally key to any form of zombie apocalypse survival. Firstly a one of either a baseball bat or a steel telescopic baton – blunt force trauma at its best – enough said. I would probably go for the baton as it would be lighter and easier to carry. Secondly one of either a machete or a Samurai sword – great for chopping off limbs – enough said. Whilst my third weapon I would only use as a last resort in said zombie apocalypse, as its noise would only attract more of the undead, a Glock is a must.

3. Gear                                                                                                                                         Here I would go for the obvious. A lightweight backpack which can hold a fair deal of kit – like this Deuter Trans Alpine 26L daypack – is perfect for your sleeping bag, rations, medic kit and water bottle all the while allowing you to stay mobile and on the move. A headlamp is key to allow for night-time movement whilst a bag of tobacco is a must to calm the nerves when the situation allows you to roll up and chill for five.

It isn’t gonna be easy, we know that. But with these items, you stand a good chance of making it out of your city alive. These and maybe Brad Pitt or Woody Harrelson. But that’s probably not gonna happen. Remember to stay on your toes, keep you wits about you and make sure you’re not the slowest dude in your crew. Good luck and see you on the other side.


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