A Mediterranean Vacation – Cyprus

This time last year I was in my boardies with the Med before me with an ice-cold beer in my hand trying to ward off the 35 degree heat. I’d spent a few months in Amsterdam on business and had a few extra weeks off before I was needed back at the office in Cape Town. I knew three things: I wanted to do the whole beach vibe thing , I wasn’t interested in staying in a fancy hotel and my budget was reasonably limited. What I didn’t know was where.

I’d spent a vacation on the island of Mallorca – off the Spanish coast – in 2006 and so wasn’t keen to redo Spain. Italy was slightly steep and you don’t go to France to chill on the beach. Whilst Greece was in the shit, Cyprus was as yet unaffected by the rising economic turmoil – which had begun to raise its ugly head within a few other mediterranean countries – and seemed a safe bet to fill by three key criteria. An added bonus was that due to previous British occupancy when the empire was at her strongest, most if not all Cypriots can speak english. So through a friend of the family, I hooked up some accommodation on the west coast of the island. And so it was.

Depart Schipol – fly to and layover in Bukarest – fly to Larnaca (east Cyprus) – bus to Paphos (west Cyprus) – taxi to Polis – Arrive – and breathe.

The following day I hired a scooter and stocked up on sun cream, a snorkel set and other bare essentials. Food could wait. Booze could wait. I wanted to hit the ocean. To be honest the mediterranean lifestyle is of the most chilled there is. I swam, I went snorkelling, I read books, I drank beer, I ate mezze, I turned brown, I grew my beard, I ate seafood, I drank whiskey, I chatted to foreign girls, I swam some more and it was good. It was two weeks of pure relaxation. The video below allows for a better understanding of the chilled vibes I experienced in Cyprus.

If you get the chance – and if the economic climate allows it – go to Cyprus. You will not be disappointed. The people are friendly, the beaches are beautiful, the weather is warm and the beers are cold.

You stay classy


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