Which Protein Should You Put In Your Shake?

Working out is important to me. I look forward to my sessions, whether in the gym or at home as it gives me a chance to block out the world, forget about the days activities, and focus on the next rep and next set. It’s important to see results in the gym as this is what keeps you motivated. A sure way to assist in seeing these results is a protein shake. Now there are a host of different protein shakes you can purchase, but which one is right for you?

In a nutshell, when you do a barbell arm curl – for instance – the muscles in your biceps tear at a micro level which results in stiffness the following day as the muscles begins to repair itself. Protein aids in this repair process and is thus key to getting you back in the gym sooner. Of course we all have different goals we want to achieve in the gym. Some want to bulk up whilst others want to shred. Whichever you are, here are some pointers on which shake you should be consuming.

Go for something with no maltodextrin, leaving room in your diet for carbs that pack more nutrients, says nutrition consultant Mike Roussell.

Look for creatine, a compound made from amino acids that can help reduce fatigue during heavy lifting and boost muscle gains from strength training.

Get a mix of fast-acting whey fuels for muscle recovery and growth and slow-digesting casein to quell post-gym hunger pangs.

You stay classy.


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