Remember These Kids?

I was a full-blown O.C. fan back in the day. I think I watched through two seasons in little under two days. Whether you’re a fan or not, prepare yourself for the following fact: The O.C. aired its pilot episode 10 years ago this past Monday. So in celebration of a show which introduced us to Ryan, Seth, Marissa and Summer and constantly placed these – predominantly high school based – characters in situations far more ominous than anything we would ever experience in the real world, here are some life lessons on young love.

1. Common interests are essential to starting and maintaining any serious relationship.


2. Though there is such a thing as having too much in common.


3. There’s nothing more awkward than a parent walking in on you.


4. Sometimes, you have to go through desperate measures to capture someone’s attention.


5. Even married adults remember their first loves.



6. Intrigue works.

Who-Are-You Whoever-you-want-me-to-be

7. It’s always possible to find out you like something new.



8. There’s a difference between good bad guys and bad bad guys.


9. Ain’t no romance like a bromance.


10. The people who love you will always wait for you.




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