Roark Gyms Tell It Like It Is

Roark Gyms aren’t interested in your bullshit excuses. They expect you to man up and put hard work before all else. The onus is on you to see results. They’ll be there beside you, pushing you but the truth is if you truly want it you’ll work hard for it. If you’re willing to follow, they’ll take you down a path of physical fitness you’ve never been. They’ll lead you to the edge and get you to jump. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear honesty like this in the world today and perhaps it’s an ethos which you can apply to all aspects of your life.

Enough with the excuses. Enough with the quick fixes. Enough with the short cuts. Enough with the tweets about what you’re gonna do. Stand up and do it. It’s a funk which is easy to fall into and it goes way beyond hitting the gym. It’s a mindset which limits you as a man. Sure it’s easier to sit on your couch at night – maybe catchup on some bullshit series, maybe drink a beer, smoke a zinger – but where does that leave you? Sure it’s easier not to stand up when a woman enters the room. Sure it’s easier not to open the door for her. But deep down you know these are unacceptable.

This mindset that average is acceptable. The thought that “chivalry is dead” so why should I give a fuck? The ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’s’. The ‘someone else will do it’. Doesn’t it make you feel empty inside? If you’re sitting there thinking “well I’m fine with that”, then by all means carry on. Continue dear Sir. But don’t you dare complain when the opportunity has passed you by or the girl has walked out the door. Don’t you dare fucking complain.

It’s within you to make the change. If you want it, do it! Stop relying on someone else and start depending on yourself. Start taking pride in what you do – become accountable for your words and actions – and you will reap the benefits. Not in a worldly materialistic sense of the word, but in something more deeper. Something which lies within. You’ll find yourself walking tall of a sudden. Look people in the eyes.


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