A Kind Act Will Make Her Suspicious

What is wrong with the world today? How have we regressed to the point where if you act like a gentleman towards her she will be suspicious rather than thankful. I’m not even joking about this either. A recent study has shown that due to the fact that chivalry is a rarity in this day and age, committing a good deed such as opening a door for her or offering her your coat will see her label you a creep rather than a gentleman.

The survey shows that the standard of how men conduct themselves around women has slipped to such a low that any act of chivalry is believed to have some form of ulterior motive. 82% of women will happily split the bill on a first date, whilst 52% claim that they would just as easily pay for the entire meal themselves. Are there seriously douche bags out there who would allow this to happen? Let’s forget what other shocking facts can be found in this survey for a second and agree on something: This is NOT ok. Does an act of chivalry knock a women off her guard to such an extent that she puts up her guard? Do we believe that nice guys finish last and the asshole gets the girl? Have we forgotten about good behaviour? Does an offer of goodwill have to be taken the wrong way?

For the sake of our pride, this needs to change. If you want to stand up and be counted as a man, manners are the first thing you will be judged on and if you fall short there, don’t bother going any further. It boils down to respect for those around you. Don’t forget that respect is earned and not given. SO get your shit together, earn it and remember that being a true gentleman never goes out of fashion.


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