Don’t Miss The Elgin Barn Dance This Year

Who’s keen to whip out their checkered shirt, Stetson and chaps and get their cowboy on? Who’s keen to ride a mechanical bull whilst whoopin’ like Wild Bill Hickok or line-dance to the sweet tunes of a fiddle? Who’s keen to have a blast of a time all in the name of charity? I sure am. Trust me, this is one event you do not want to miss out on.

In my opinion you don’t need any excuse to visit the beautiful Elgin Valley. The vistas, the winding roads, the friendly people and the fantastic wines are reason enough to spend any amount of time in this gem of the Western Cape. The Elgin Barn Dance is without doubt the most fun you will have in a valley as the annual event is well supported by the local community of farmers who welcome friends and hipsters alike from the greater Cape Town area to experience a night of western revelry and enjoyment within their beloved Elgin Valley. Whilst a jovial evening is a certainty the Dance is organised by the Elgin Gentlemen’s Association – a group of young local farmers – who, through the event, strive to help those less fortunate than themselves and sees a silent auction held throughout the course of the evening whilst donations of clothing, blankets and non-perishable foods are most welcome. A worthy cause if any.

“Confusion in the ranks of checkered shirts parading through flashing lasers, merlot induced arguments and a man in an inflatable bull suit.” – Guy With Camera

Tickets usually fly quite quickly as the event has a limited amount available and I would suggest that you don’t wait till later to organise as you will most certainly be that person writing that status asking for those tickets. Check out the Elgin Barn Dance Facebook page for more info or email this dude: to book your tickets now. I have.


[Guy With Camera]


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