2oceansvibe Offer Reward For Missing Statue

Have you seen a Jack Daniels statue cruising around the city? Apparently said statue went missing at the Taste of Cape Town, which according to the 2ov crew is the last time the statue was seen in public. Now the Taste of Cape Town was way back in April and how they haven’t missed something as awesome as him until now is beyond me. But that’s beside the point.

Now I checked out the 2oceansvibe tent at the show and they were – as their name might suggest – throwing out one hell-of-a vibe. The tunes were jammin’, the lights were a strobin’ and the Jack was a flowin’. I’m pretty sure through the crowd I saw a statue leaning on the bar knocking back what looked like his 10th double whipskey on the rocks. I’ve been there and so have you so I’m not judging. It’s likely that he lost his mates at the party and stumbled to the closest McDonalds in an attempt to remember where he was. In all seriousness though, Mr. Rotherham has offered a reward for any news leading to his return.

Yo Seth, I’m sure I checked him smashing a pulled pork zaambo at &Union about two weeks ago.




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