The Art Of Shaking Hands

A hand shake says a lot about a man and often times – whether fair or not – you are summed up by the handshake you offer. It shows respect. It shows strength. It seals a deal and is a greeting. So let’s make sure that you perform this everyday action to the best of your chivalrous ability whilst considering some do’s and don’t

The art of the handshake is really not a complex one at all, unless you are part of a some secret society which requires you to roll up one leg of your trousers to gain membership or burn some letters from the Latin alphabet on your butt. In these cases, a series of secret tickles of the palm or the interlocking of certain digits will suffice and mark you as a “made man”.

So unless you are of the tickly-palm type, shaking hands like a gentleman couldn’t get any simpler. The secret lies in the grip. Too tight and you end up intimidating the other person into thinking you are a swine and a thug, whilst too loose a shake and the other party thinks you are a wet fish. Take it from me, there is nothing more excruciatingly awful than a limp handshake. Period. Don’t even try and fight this. If you limp-it, reconsider why and change it.

So for the greatest effect to your handshake, follow the following six-point plan:

  1. Offer your right hand.
  2. Look the other party in the eye.
  3. Grip firmly, but not too tightly.
  4. Exchanged a greeting at this point.
  5. Fist-bumps and man-hugs are optional, depending on your relationship with the other party and your hierarchy in the street gang.
  6. Disengage.

Here are Some things NOT to do:

  1. Spit and shake: Never. Especially not if you have just sealed a business deal. Ask yourself: “Am I a cowboy or a musketeer?” We all know the answer to this.
  2. High Five: Let’s leave high-fiving to Top Gun, and people who like Top Gun. Ask yourself: “Am I Tom Cruise?” No, you’re not Tom Cruise.

Remember – Gentlemen shake hands, so do it properly.


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