All The Features You can Expect From The iPhone 5S

Being an Apple fan myself, I like to know what’s-what in the world of Apple tech. I’m quite excited for the new iPhone because to be honest I’m due an upgrade soon. By all accounts it seems like the new iPhone 5S will be announced at a special event on the 10th September, so with that in mind let’s check out what some of the rumours doing the rounds are suggesting the 5S may bring to the party.

1. Fingerprint Sensor On Convex Home Button

Last year, Apple quietly bought AuthenTec, a company that makes fingerprint sensor technology, for $356 million, and the general consensus is that Apple will include AuthenTec technology in its next iPhone. Cult of Mac calls the fingerprint sensor, which would be embedded on the convex home button and covered with scratch-resistant sapphire glass, the “big headlining feature” of the next iPhone.

2. Size

The iPhone 5S appears to be the same size as the iPhone 5, which would be consistent with other “S” upgrades — the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S, and the 3G to the 3GS before it. Over the past weekend, 9to5Mac posted pictures from Tinh te, a Vietnamese website, that purport to show mockups of iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, the less expensive plastic iPhone Apple is said to be developing. Reuters reported in June that Apple is also testing 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch screens for phones that will launch next year.

3. 12-Megapixel Camera With Slow-Motion Video

The iPhone 5S will have a 12-megapixel camera, according to an April report from Tinh te, relayed by iPhone in Canada. And last month 9to5 Mac reported that the iPhone 5S camera may also be capable of recording video at 120 frames per second, allowing for slow-motion video.

4. Double The Flash, Double The Fun

Cult of Mac relayed images of leaked iPhone 5S parts that purport to show an extra-large cutout on the rear of the camera, which would be big enough for a dual LED flash, giving higher quality images in low-light conditions.

5. Composition

The iPhone 4 and 4S have glass backs, and the iPhone 5’s housing is made of aluminum. Apple may be switching again, predicts BGR’s Jonathan Geller. This time? Liquidmetal, an “indestructible” alloy that’s twice as strong as titanium. As Engadget noted, Apple last year extended its exclusive agreement with Liquidmetal through 2014.

6. Black, White And Gold

The iPhone has been offered in black and white since the 3G was released in 2008. But Cult of Mac reports that the iPhone 5S may be available in gold. The phone is set to be released in South Africa on the 13th December – perfect timing for a little Christmas gift. [Huffington Post]


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