Get Ripped For Summer – Part 1

Right chaps, I know it may not feel like it right now but summer is on its way. So if you want to hit up the beach with confidence then its time to put in the hard yards right now. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results, which in turn will get you more amped to train even harder. I don’t often have time – or the patience – to hit up the gym and so like to train at home, which is how is started getting into body weight training. Body weight training is the fastest way to shed kilos and gain muscle at the same time whilst simultaneously improving strength, endurance and flexibility. Tee Major from Tactical Athletes has started running a series of military style workout for you to follow. Trust me this shit is hard and may take you a few sessions to be able to complete but once you have reached a certain level of strength, you start to reap the benefits. Push through that initial chander stage and get ‘er done!


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