The Rugby Championships Kicks Off With A Bang

This weekend marks the start of the Tri Nations Rugby Championships and sees the Springboks  kick off their campaign with a scorcher of a match against the Argentinians at FNB Stadium in Soweto, whilst early in the day the All Blacks take on those pesky Wallabies at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, Australasia. Whilst the fixture down under will – in all likelihood – offer up a more entertaining tussle in terms of flair and tries scored, no one in South Africa will give a fuck flying cat’s tail as their attentions will be consumed in the celebration of the nations hero and father, Madiba.

That’s right, if you haven’t heard by now, Saturday is a celebration of the our legend and will see three sporting matches – across two sporting codes – being played in one stadium. What an epic day it is set to be. Firstly the Bafana Bafana legends take on the Italian legends in a friendly soccer match which is followed by a somewhat more serious – and predictably less entertaining – match between the current Bafana Bafana team and a Burkina Faso side who finished runners-up in the last African Cup of Nations. The day will be capped of when the mighty Springboks take on an Argentinian team who are frothing at the bit to get their first W over their Southern Hemisphere rivals. Now I’m not gonna make any predictions and talk about the teams because I would prefer to go into this weekend’s action with a clear mind and enjoy the day for what it is.

The whole affair sounds immense. If the weather plays its part, light the fires at 10h30 and expect to be standing round the coals sipping on brewskies till at least 21h00 that evening. If you’re not already amped, observe the clip below. It gave me goosebumps. A list of kickoffs are below that. Enjoy

SA Legends v Italy Legends
SS4HD, SS4, Select (10:30am)

South Africa v Burkina Faso
SS4HD, SS4, Select (1pm)

South Africa v Argentina
SS1HD, SS1, SS4, Select (4pm)

You stay classy.


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