High School Reunions

Awkward conversations with teachers and past scholars – neither of whom you liked – and are now forced to chat to in your old school hall which has been made to look like a 90’s night club with a few tables and chairs and a makeshift bar pouring cheap whiskey and second-rate tequila – is that a strobe light? – because none of your mates have arrived yet and you can’t find the gap in the conversation to excuse yourself for a cigarette – or two or three – outside. Breathe. It’s not that bad. Just wait for the mates to arrive.

High school reunions: We’ve all either been to one or have one approaching at a rate of knots. Whilst they seem to be a big deal for the ladies, for us guys it’s really just another reason to sink a few ales with the mates and talk some shit. Or is it? How to approach your reunion is a tricky one and it’s important to consider the ramifications of your decisions as you will, in all likelihood, be judged and remembered for them for at least the next 10 years.

Naturally questions cross my mind as to what I should and shouldn’t do at these reunions? How should I present myself? Should I drink whiskey after whiskey until I muster the courage to tell her she was my crush? After the awkward conversation, should I return to the bar to muster up more of this courage to act on this? Does one try take down their crush at high school reunions? Do I drink copious amounts of booze? Do I dance like a king when the tables have been moved to the side of the hall?

It’s tough to answer these questions at this point in time as my 10 year is this coming weekend. I’ll admit it: I’m amped for it. There was a moment a few days ago when I was casting my thoughts to the approaching date and I felt myself getting nervous. I started wondering what people would think? Had I changed? Would I make the right impression? What if I didn’t and they thought I was a dick? My mind naturally started to run away from me for a stage until I reigned it in and quietly reminded myself that a) I am a nice guy and b) I don’t give a fuck what they think It doesn’t matter what they think. I know who I am and my friends do too and that should be enough for anyone.

I’ll hopefully have some answers for you post reunion. Check out the clip below, it’s quite humorous.

You stay classy.


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