Brogue It, Bru.

We are beyond wearing sneakers with our jeans, right? This isn’t a Std.7 social is it? Naught. So what do you wear with your jeans? What options do you have? I’ve found that the perfect way to look sharp in any situation – smart or casual – is to don a pair of Brogues. Classic Brogues are usually a shade of brown, but any colour will do these days as the shoe itself is styled to keep you looking the gentleman throughout the day.

Brogues are traditionally a low healed shoe or boot – originating in Scotland and Ireland back in the dee – which is characterised by multiple-piece, sturdy leather uppers with decorative perforations – or broguing – and serration along the shoe’s visible edges. Brogues are often found in one of four closure styles – Oxford, Derby, ghillie, and monk – and four toe cap styles – full or wingtip, semi-, quarter and longwing.

Considering we’re talking about leather shoes here it’s all a bit to get into the old knoggin’, but as I’ve said before it’s about what you like. Find a pair that you dig and purchase them. You won’t regret it. Check out some inspiration below.

You stay classy


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