Joburg Festival Of Beer 2013

Nothing quenches the thirst like an ice-cold lager does. After a long weeks graft it’s natural to feel that you’ve earned the sweet nectar. You deserve it. You’ve also earned the right to enjoy that drink with your mates and other fellow lovers of draughts, right? So why not quench your thirst at the Jozi Festival of Beer this year? On the 6th, 7th and 8th of September the Jozi Beer Fest will be taking place at Pirates Sports Club in Greenside. You can expect a host of local brewers – from micro to mega to craft to home – and some great foodstuffs to help line the stomach.

Included in the entertainment will be bands, big screens, beer pong stations and big screens for the rugga. If you consider yourself a bit of a beer connoisseur or if you simply enjoy partaking in a beer fuelled jol, then this is for you!


Tickets are ZAR120 a pop and are available at Webtickets.

Check out for more info.

You stay classy.


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