I’m All For This #MileyMeltdown

I’ll be honest here: I am looking forward to what the future holds for Miley Cyrus and I’ll give you my reasons below. I’m not waiting with bated breath because I think she’s hot. Nay! I’m not gagging to see more because I think she’s sexy. Nay! I’m not frothing at the gash cause I think she’s talented. Nay! She may be all these, but I’m bursting with expectation because this doll is heading down Spears Street and about to make a right turn onto Lohan Lane. This lady is heading for a meltdown of epic proportions and it’s going to be pure entertainment every step of the way. Yay!

I’m not interested in where she’s come from and why’s she’s doing all this. I couldn’t care less who her father is or whether she was on some silly Disney show back in the D. All I care about is the now and the future with Miley. What is she going to do next? How long before she turns to booze and gets her first suspended sentence for DUI? How long before she falls in with a group of dodgy British rockers and gets hooked on crack or some dirty drug? How long before she gets into a public fight with her boyfriend and stumbles out of a LA club with scratch marks all over her face and bruised arms? How long before she gets her second and third DUI’s and ends up in some posh excuse for a rehab in the Hollywood Hills where she’ll get hooked on prescription drugs? I mean fuck me, the possibilities are endless at this point. After her performance at the VMA’s, I’d believe it if I heard Miley was caught boofing a man-sized teddy bear in an up market New York Restaurant.

Whilst I’m on that topic: Everyone is focusing on her skanky twerking and crotch rubbing blah blah blah. What I’m wondering is what the fuck were with those teddy bears busting out the two-step behind her?

Sure this might be coming across a bit harsh and could be seen as a bit of an unnecessary jab at Miley but in all honesty I don’t care. Has the music industry declined to such an extent that we are forced to sit through shit artist’s performing their gangster one-hit-wonders about how fucking cool they are at the VMA’s and then applaud them when they swoop all the awards? Where is the grace? Where is the class? Where is the quality musicians who made a career out of making real music? When did telling me that you can do what you want to and that you own the night make me feel good about myself? When did all this trash make it into the world and someone please tell me when we decided that acting this way was cool? For-Fucks-Sake!

The future generations are looking at this shit and thinking that this is the way to act. Where are we going with this? Young girls are looking at the video below and thinking “jeez if I act like that then maybe all the guys will think I’m hot. If I degrade myself and act like a skank, then I’m cool.”

And that is EXACTLY why I am looking forward to seeing where Miley ends up. It’s a fact, you can’t act like an idiot and expect to get away with it. Rant done.

This fool!

You stay classy.


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