Vespalogy: 70 Years Of Vespa

If you live in Cape Town and you don’t own a Vespa you’re not cool enough. Period. Heaven forbid you get spotted on some kind of Big Boy/Gomoto knockoff. Chapter 21 of the Capetonian Manifesto – which you should have received upon moving to the city – deals with do’s and don’ts regarding motorcycle and vehicle vogue within the city limits. In all seriousness though, Vespa is all this and more as they epitomise the summer spirit held so dearly in the hearts and minds of the Capetonian. They offer you a level of Italian chic unrivalled by any other scooter production companies and sees you begin to express yourself with flamboyant hand gestures. The Vespa has kept its general shape but at the same time has changed slightly over the years. Check out this little vid to get a quite overview of the scooter from 1943 – 2013.

Purchase yours today at their V&A branch (021 425 7944). Chat to Thomas.

You stay classy.


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