#BlessHer – Victoria Azarenka

Here’s another eastern European blonde haired, tennis playing, bombshell with legs that go on forever. I mean FFS! Really? If you’re blonde and from that part of the world what options do you have in front of you? It doesn’t seem like many. Anyway let’s get back to Vicki. Former World Number 1 and current Number 2, ol’ Vic’s can play tennis it seems. The blonde haired, blue-eyed Belarusian snapped up her second Grand Slam earlier this year by retaining her Australian Open title. Can you believe that she turned pro 10 years ago when she was 14. Seriously. It’s clear that she’s a big doll, but at least she’s in proportion – unlike Megatron – and there is no doubt that she would take you apart.

Bless her.


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