Robocop Gets A New Coat

The preview for the new Robocop dropped recently and being a fan of the original, I’ll admit that I went into this with mixed emotions. A combination of excitement and cynicism. In recent times Hollywood have butchered classic super hero cult films such as Superman and Spiderman by casting pretty-boy actors and adding way too many over-the-top CG effects with the hope of making as much money as possible, which inevitably does a huge disservice to the characters and franchises. Of course it’s exciting that we get to see the badass Robocop kicking butt again, but at what price? The remake stars Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L. Jackson so it can’t be all bad, whoever, I am worried that Hollywood may have butchered another classic. Have a look at the preview. What do you reckon?

You stay classy.

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