Apple Launch iPhone 5S & 5C

It’s funny being an Apple person. It’s like everything you did before you got your first iPhone was inconsequential. It doesn’t matter. The jump in technology in terms of what I had previously compared to my current iPhone was so great that for the life of me I can’t remember what phone I had before. I remember it was a Samsung. I have no idea what model. I feel like Neo. Vaguely aware of a past life spent dealing with falsehoods and incompetence yet now fully aware and in control of the now. Then I got a Macbook and the marvel which is the Apple world became clearer whilst that which had past fell deeper into the fog and I found myself struggling to remember what life was like sans Apple. How did I function before hand? Apple have launched their 5S and 5C and it seems the fog has grown thicker. Check out the videos for a better look at their features.

You stay classy.


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