10 Tips To Dress More Elegantly

Ever wonder how to make your look less ‘put together’ and more elegant? Here are a few simple tips which you can make use of to do exactly this.

  1. On almost all single breasted jackets, leave the bottom button unbuttoned, unless you have a paddock jacket. On double-breasted jackets, you should generally button the bottom one, unless you want to express some sprezzatura and wear your coat like Lino Ieluzzi from Al Bazar.
  2. Unbutton the bottom button of your vest, unless it is double-breasted or an evening waistcoat.
  3. Avoid wearing visible logos, especially when formally attired; you are a vehicle for your own style identity, and your choices should further your expression rather than the brand’s.
  4. Clip visible loose threads or labels, and open tacked pockets and vents with a seam ripper. A double edge razor blade is useful for trimming very close to the fabric surface.
  5. Don’t leave the house without a quick once-over with a fabric brush. Trash the tape lint roller, and invest in a good brush – you won’t regret it.
  6. While two or three buttons on a single breasted jacket are today’s standard, a tuxedo should have just one button and even a sports coat can look great with just one button. Four buttons are great on a safari jacket or anything else that you want to button all the way up.
  7. On single breasted three-button jackets, button just the center button or additionally the top button – take a look at the mirror and wear what feels more comfortable. See Tip #1.
  8. If you wear a black belt, it’s standard to black shoes. Brown shoes are much more flexible; brown is always an option, but don’t shy away from more irreverent choices, such as a necktie or a multicolored belt in warmer seasons, as Fred Astaire has shown us.
  9. Choose to wear either a belt or suspenders, but not both. Neither may be worn if your trousers are tailored with a half belt in the back or side adjusters. Vests may be worn with the latter two choices, but never with a belt.
  10. Most men look best if they display between half an inch and an inch of shirt cuff underneath their jacket sleeves. For a harmonious look, try to match the visible cuff length to the amount of collar that is visible at the back of the neck.

You stay classy.

[Gentleman’s Gazette]


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