10 More Tips To Dress More Elegantly

Last week I posted 10 tips for you on how to make your look more elegant than ‘put together’ and what I’ve noticed is that it is the small things which count. The finer details. Things you probably have never really given much thought to but now that it’s been brought to your attention, you’ll forever notice it. In fact you’ll probably find yourself observing whether other men are aware of these finer details or not.

  1. Most men wear their pants too long. Ideally, full cut trousers should reach the shoe and create a slight or half break. Trousers with cuffs can be worn a little shorter and the same is true for tapered trousers.
  2. When you buy a jacket off the rack, make sure the shoulders of the coat at the sleevehead are just a tad wider than your natural shoulders. Most alterations tailors will have difficulties properly altering the shoulders.
  3. Ready-to-wear suits need to be altered. I have NEVER seen a suit off the peg that fits perfectly without alterations. So, even if you think you’ve scored a lucky find, make it a habit to bring every new purchase to your alterations tailor, and see what they have to say.
  4. It is often said that your tie should reach the waistband of your trousers. Any man with a classically oriented wardrobe has a variety of trouser rises to contend with, and just because your wear low-cut pants does not mean your tie should be longer. However, a tie rarely looks great when it extends beyond the waistband. When in doubt, I always go a little shorter.
  5. A tie has no functional use. It is purely decorative and therefor it should look good. A dimple or two in your tie knot will most likely improve your overall appearance.
  6. Avoid letting your tie knot slip – as Tip #5 describes, this decorative accessory is a visual focal point that can put you at risk of looking – the horror – sloppy if not properly attended.
  7. When you wear a tie, you should always pair it with either a vest, a suit, a jacket, or a cardigan.  A shirt and tie alone, especially short-sleeved shirts, looks very unfortunate.
  8. Black suits should be reserved for the evenings and funerals. Alternatively, buy a tuxedo and a Stroller Suit and skip the black suit altogether.
  9. Avoid combining a pocket square and tie made from the same cloth because it looks cheesy.
  10. Do not pin your boutonniere pinned on your lapel – not only will it leave holes in the fabric, but they have an unfortunate tendency to sag. Use your buttonhole and a loop on the back of your lapel instead.

You stay classy.

[Gentleman’s Gazette]


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