Marshall Mathers Is Back – Berzerk Video (Explicit Version)

Back in the D – which was a Wednesday if I remember – a mate handed me Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP. Of course I had heard of Eminem but only the shit which radio’s were willing to play. The easy-going poppy crap. I had never truly experienced Marshall Mathers in all his anger. What I heard that day was a rapper sticking it to the man, his estranged girlfriend and the world. Eminem was seriously pissed off. That Wednesday I became an Eminem fan. As time passed I became a little disillusioned with some of the albums which Eminem released as it felt like he had been to a shrink and sorted out all his issues and was therefore writing lyrics just to make some cash. It felt like he had sold out. He’s now released his new single Berzerk and there’s something about it which reminds me of the Eminem of old. It seems someone has pissed Marshall off.

You stay classy.


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