‘The Conjuring’ Will Scare The Sh*t Out Of You

I like my horror movies. You know the one where a super human dude goes on a killing spree in some small mid-western American town. The type where even though said dude has been shot numerous times, fallen from second story windows and has been hit by vehicles, he still manages to come back for one last scare. I like these types of horrors because in my mind I believe that humans like that probably don’t exist and if they do, well, I’m not in the American mid-west now am I, so it won’t affect me. I can sit on my couch and watch these sorts of movies and chuckle at those around me getting frights. It’s scary on a somewhat funny level. Horror movies which deal with the paranormal, however, are another kettle of fish. Spirits, demons, hauntings and possessions etc. That’s not for me. It truly scares the shit out of me. The Conjuring is right up that path and whilst I’m hesitant to watch it at the cinema, I’d consider watching it at home in the middle of the day.

You stay classy.

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