The Greatest Thing I’ve Seen All Month: 8-bit Batman

This is – as the heading would suggest – the greatest thing that I have seen all month. Batman is my superhero. Superman can piss off. Spiderman can jog on and Iron Man…pfft…luss that oke. Batman is the real deal because he is human. Now I can already hear you saying “well so is Iron Man” and you would of course be correct, however, Mr. Stark relies on a suit to become the hero he is, whilst Batman – bar a few cool gadgets – relies on the power and will given to any human being  – and some pretty cool training courtesy of one Liam Neeson. Plus there’s a dark side to Bruce Wayne which I like.

8-bit gaming reminds me of my youth. A time when life was simpler. A time when Friday afternoon Nintendo gaming sessions at my mates place were a certainty. The enjoyment I had playing games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Double Dragon, Adventure Island and Contra – don’t even get me started on Contra – is imprinted in my memory and forms an intricate part of who I am, I guess.

You may ask where I am going with this? Why am I mentioning two of my favourite things in this world in this one post? Well I have a question for you dear sir: What would happen if you were to take these two super-fantastically-amazing things and combine them into some sort of an action film? Simple. Pure awesomeness!


You stay classy.


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