Behind The Scenes: Bikini Team San Diego Shoot

It’s been a long weekend and I’ve taken as much time out as possible – which could explain the lack of posts thus far. But now we’ve all dragged ourselves back to the office for three days of meaningless work which we’ll put off for as long as possible because that’s what we do in weeks like these, right? I mean jeez the weekend is only three days away and whatever has to be done can wait till Monday, right? But that doesn’t change the fact that we all need to be present at whatever building and/or site we call work. It is at this point where I start scratching around for anything to make this day a little brighter. Anything Intraweb! Do you hear me? Anything! And then I stumble upon this little piece of gold. Solid gold. This will brighten your day up faster than any espresso and or whiskey. Enjoy.

You stay classy,


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