Jozi Showed Me Her Beautiful

I’ve rocked it out in Jozi for the past week – which would explain my lack of posts recently – and noticed something whilst up there. Now whilst this is a contentious topic and certainly up for debate, I feel it important that I air this opinion. It is an opinion which has brewed within me for a while now and which for whatever reason I haven’t been able to formalise even though the simplicity of the opinion is as plain as Jane: Joburg dolls are hotter than those in the Cape.

I found myself in a balmy Johannesburg this week working at the Taste of Joburg festival, which is in my opinion the premium food ‘n wine show in South Africa. It brings out the best this country has to offer in terms of chow, beer, wine and spirits and all who attend revel in the festivities. For those of you who haven’t been to the festival, it’s staged on one of Montecasino’s open air parking lots and has much the same feel as its Cape Town cousin, yet is on a larger scale. Everything is bigger and better at the show and this seems to apply to the ladies who attend.

Now whilst I’m not having a go at Cape Town ladies at all as I believe there are some serious stunners walking on Kloof Street and the sort, I see this dilemma as a pure numbers game. For every one beautiful lady in Cape Town, there are two in Joburg and chances are that the Cape Town beauty is originally from Joburg anyway. I’m not sure what the cause is of this yet I feel it has to do with the different cultures of each city. There is somewhat more of an ‘earthy’ vibe which filters through the Cape Town fraternity via a healthy trance party and beach culture and one wouldn’t have to look far to find numerous ladies walking the streets of Shlaapstad sans shoes with a dread or two dangling out of their ponytail. Then of course there is the grungy hipster fraternity who rock the toit jeans, vests, sleeves, dark hair and even darker eyes and are sure to be found sipping on craft beers in Bree Street establishments on any given day. Whilst there is nothing wrong with either of these, it just isn’t my thing.

The Joburg lady is a different kettle completely. Here’s a lady who prides herself on what she looks like and what others see her as. Here’s a beauty who doesn’t leave the house without ensuring her make up, hair and nails are perfect. Here’s a woman who hits the gym every morning to make sure that her physique is in tip-top form so that when she rocks that skirt or those shorts she nails it. Sure these may seem fickle but the result is fantastic and worth my applause. This is my thing.

Yes there are factors outside of my control which lead me to the opinion that Jozi pips Cape Town on the female looks front. Factors such as the weather – which was beautiful this past weekend and brought out the skirts and shorts. Factors such as a long winter which has seen many a Capetonian beauty hibernate from the icey Cape weather and thus resulted in me forgetting the potential which our city holds. Factors such as not having seen a female leg in anything other than a pair of jeans or – heaven forbid – a onesie since May. These factors should bring you to the realisation that perhaps my opinion is slightly biased at this stage and that by December it may have changed.

Either way, I am stoked that the season has changed and that in a few months time I will be wrestling with this internal debate as I attempt to figure out which city truly has the highest calibre of beautiful woman as by that point, I am sure I will have found a heap of pro’s willing to champion the city of Cape Town.  At the end of the day, however, it doesn’t really matter. Does it?


6 thoughts on “Jozi Showed Me Her Beautiful

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  2. Iain

    Ahh, you got me there … most are pretty attractive, until the ope their mouths – wait, what. You know what I mean.

  3. Law Post author

    Ya to be honest I haven’t ventured any further north than Sandton so wouldn’t have any viable experience to rely on here. I’ll take your word for it. Question: What is the language spoken by said Pretorian lasses?

  4. Iain

    Boet I have to add my own 2 cents worth here; having grown-up in Jozi I can certainly vouch the quality of our lasses, but in my humble opinion, the ‘fairest of them all’ reside in good ol’ PT of A – true untapped (pun intended) beauty is to be found to the north of Jozi


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