To Genocide Or Not Too Genocide #RedOctober

I’m not a fan of talking politics on The Noblest Rogue as I prefer to keep it light-hearted at the best of times and I am sure that you would have noticed that I prefer to talk sport, booze and chicks most days. But in the last two weeks I’ve picked up on a sentiment doing the rounds which holds a heavy political undertone and has struck a slight chord with me. The fact that it has struck said chord is inconsequential in terms of this blog as I still stand – firmly – by the personal sentiment expressed in the first sentence of this paragraph. You see, I believe that The Noblest Rogue deserves better than the petty political rantings of esteemed intellectuals such as Steve Hofmeyer. I mean seriously guys, I wouldn’t sell you short like that.

Whilst I like to keep you updated with what’s what in the world, talking politics is a step too far for me. Strange then that I find myself stuck between the proverbial ‘rock and hard place’. On the one hand I feel it my duty – somewhat – to keep you informed whilst on the other hand I have vowed to keep this blogosphere merry. Thankfully, however, my man Anton Taylor released a blog where he deals with this #RedOctober vibe and the beauty is that he manages to combines my wish to keep things pleasant with the serious issue of an apparent white genocide in South Africa. Check it out.

Thanks Ant, you really helped me out, bru.

You stay classy


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