Why Wouldn’t You Get Your Abs Ripped With Coryn Salazar

With summer around the corner I’m sure you’re all hitting the gym and the Promenade as hard as possible to shed those winter kilo’s. I sure am. In all honesty, I’m like a bear who bulks up naturally during the cold winter months. It’s a survival thing. So I have to graft hard when the weather turns fair to drop a few. The area of my workouts that I am always first to drop is the core. I am fully aware of the importance – both from a training and aesthetic point of view – of the core region yet I find it a mission and so am quick to drop it if time is tight or if I’m smashed. Then I stumble upon this little piece of beauty and I’m all keen to do abs, abs and only abs.

Bless her.

You stay classy.


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