Oasis – Little By Little LIVE At Finsbury Park

This is THE song which turned me into the Oasis fan that I am today. When I was in London I worked at an Irish pub up the road from my digs. A quaint little pub which had that classic London heritage to it and a group of locals who were always aggressively thirsty. Every morning I’d pull in to setup for the day – you know the routine: stock take and up, cleaning the beer taps and pipes and cleaning glasses etc. I’d make a stiff coffee, light a smoke and put on some music to help me get the day off on the right foot. I still vividly remember the morning I scratched around in the sounds system cupboard looking for something different to play and stumbled upon the Heathen Chemistry CD by Oasis. Sure I knew who Oasis were. I mean who didn’t? They sang Wonderwall, right? I popped the CD in that morning and by the time I reached track six – this song – my life had changed forever. The clip below is them at their highest power as a rock band playing Finsbury Park in 2002. So let’s ease into the weekend. Plug in those earphones, turn up the volume and enjoy this one with me. Its beautiful!

Oasis till I die.

You stay classy.


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