Living It Up In Jozi Streets

You may have noticed that I have been rather quiet of late. This in part is due to a couple of reasons but the main one is that I have been in Jozi on business. It was one hell of a trip and I have found a new appreciation for the city. It operates on a completely different level to Cape Town. I used to give Jozi a lot of stick. I suppose it’s because I have such a huge love for Cape Town that nothing will ever compare. In recent times however I have found that if given an opportunity, Johannesburg has the potential to be a cool city.

After work one Thursday evening I got a message from a mate, @RichardRose3, telling me to meet him for a drink somewhere. He was feeling thirsty and wanted to cut loose a little. Having had a hell of a day myself, I was keen. We met up at The Raj in Sandton City for a quick bite and drink. Not knowing where the night was taking us, I ordered a beer and my boy here set the standard by ordering a quadruple brandy and coke. He was clearly thirsty.

We moved on to a bar around the corner where we met up with a few mutual friends. The banter started and the brandy flowed. We were merry. By the time last rounds were called we’d made our way through numerous Jagger bombs, brandy-and-cokes and tequila shots. As we left the consensus among the boys was that we were only getting started and that a new drinking hole should be found.

The night took a turn for the best once we found our way to a VIP room in one of the Michelangelo Towers. We somehow managed to convince the bouncers that we were on the list and were ushered down a flight of stairs to a dark little club with flashing lights and mirrors on the wall. I’m normally not partial to those sorts of establishments but on that night, in that company I was game for anything. What made this club even more attractive was the presence of two little stages strategically placed on opposite ends of the club. Dancing on the stages were some of the most beautiful women I have seen in a while. Forget that they were in white lingerie for a second, these women were easily tens. Perhaps it was the sweet lips talking but I believe I was in with a shot with one of them at a stage. Her shift ended though and she disappeared backstage and out of my life. Forever.

As the evening drew to a close our group started scrambling to find away games. Any games in fact. I caught a taxi back to my spot, poured myself a Jameson and reflected on what had been a top notch evening. I started to wonder whether my previous views on the Big Smoke were slightly prejudiced? It had been a great night out hadn’t it?

I suppose enjoying Jozi depends on an array of factors. Where you stay, your group of mates, where you jol, how much you earn. Now whilst money isn’t the be all and end all it certainly is the difference between a good night out in the dark south of Johannesburg or the glitz of the north. There’s nothing wrong with a little braai in Benoni on a lazy Saturday evening but if you really want to get a feel for the heart of Johannesburg, the city is where you want to be. It’s alive and you can feel the energy in the air.

At the end of the day, it’s good to be home. Cape Town is where it’s at and I’ll always be stoked to come home to this city. Perhaps it’s time, however, that I give Joburg its dues. The place is a vibe.

You stay classy.


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