I Cannot Wait For The Legend To Continue

Anchorman came out of nowhere and completely blew me away. I still remember the first time I  watched it. It was a lazy Sunday in Stellies and I was chilling at my mates house trying to work off a Terrace-fuelled hangover. The hangover was well-earned, I might add, but besides the point. We ordered pizza and my mated popped the DVD in. My life was never the same. Now whilst your context will be different to mine, I am certain you feel the same way about the movie. It’s pure comedic genius. Anchorman 2 is on its way and holy shit I am excited. I haven’t been this excited since Province last scored a four try bonus point. Which was ages ago, so you’ll imagine that I am fucking bursting with excitement. Click through for the second trailer to this epic film.

You stay classy.

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