The Hardest Thing About Movember

Growing a mo isn’t an easy task. It’s frustrating and pain-staking. There’s the initial awkward stage where it looks like you simply forgot to shave your lip that morning. This is directly followed by the Dirty Sanchez stage where your slug hasn’t grown long enough to be officially crowned a thoroughbred mo but is unmistakably present below your shnoz. It’s there but it isn’t. Is it a mo or just a shadow? You tend to look something like a B-grade 70’s porn star during this stage. These initial stages are the toughest and for the most part once you’re through them, its plain sailing. This scenario applies to those who weren’t blessed with heaps of natural testosterone and so struggle to grow sideburns, let alone a slug. I’m not knocking it. It is what it is in my books as both have their pro’s and cons. Whilst I reckon I’m a hairy dude,  Anton Taylor takes the cake. Easily. This oke can grow a killer slug between tea and lunch. It’s hellova impressive. So with all this hair growth, what could possibly be the hardest thing about Movember for the former International Man of Movember?

You stay classy.


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