Seems A Trip To Lithuania Is On The Cards

I’m gonna admit my ignorance on this one. I don’t have the foggiest idea of what happens in Lithuania. All I know is that the country is situated on the Baltic Sea to the east of Sweden and neighbours a host of eastern European countries including Poland, Latvia and Belarus. That is about it. Oh and the country’s population totals roughly 3 million. That’s it. Unless you’re from that part of the world, I’d imagine we’re sitting in the same boat at the moment and since I’m all about educating you I thought I’d dig up a little clip to enlighten us. Take what you will from the clip, I have learnt these three things: 1) Lithuania has a national basketball team who are clearly good enough to warrant having a squad of cheerleader; 2) The cheerleaders are belters which immediately makes me believe that EVERY lady in Lithuania is too; and 3) I want to visit Lithuania. For the basketball. Not the ladies. Maybe the ladies.

You stay classy.


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