The Zillenator On The Anne Hirsch Show

I’m gonna throw this out there: Helen Zille is one minxy lady! At the outset, let me categorically clarify that this statement has no political undertones to it at all as I prefer to keep politics – like your red-haired cousin – locked in the wendy house out back. No dear friends, this is because Helen is one hellova woman. Period. Smart, beautiful, powerful, courageous and a husky voice. Let’s not forget that last point as it adds a certain +2 to any rating system. I would happily do whatever she instructed me to do in that voice. Geh! I love her. Anyway enough with the daydreaming. She was recently on #TheAnneHirschShow where she shot the shit – if you’ll excuse my French, Madam Premier – with the adorable Miss Hirsch.

Bless them both.

You stay classy.


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