White Folks Jamming Compilation

Whilst this is completely not a racial post I would have to say – in the same breath – that it actually is. In a ‘do you have a sense of humour’ sot of way. You see, I was always taught to laugh at myself and in this particular situation this is the best thing to do. The truth of the matter is that white people don’t exactly have the best control over their bodies when it comes to a phat beat and a d-floor. Even me saying that sounds wrong. I’m all for ripping up a d-floor at a wedding for instance. In my mind I’m the heat. I’m Danny Zuko at the Rydell High Dance-Off. Chances are it looks nothing like that but by that stage of the wedding I – and most others – are beyond caring. So we dance. Awkwardly. Like the people in this clip.

You stay classy.


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