Remind Me, Bru

Hey chaps. Huddle up, I’ve got something to say. Come on, get in here. I’ve noticed something of late and feel the need to express myself. It’s something you’ve been doing recently which has pushed my buttons. It’s nothing huge but I felt I should just let you know. It’s not something you do but rather something you say. It’s this statement of yours which you keep dropping my way. This “remind me about it” shit. Are you being serious?

It’s seems like every time we have plans together you feel it is my duty to remind you about it. Like I am your PA or something. Seriously, bru? The words come out of your mouth so nonchalantly that I am beginning to wonder whether you actually want to remember that you’ve just agreed to participate in some sort of entertainment with myself? Maybe the statement has become a habit to you? Like how I say “bru” a lot? But seriously, what is up with that?

Sure you’re busy. We all are. I’ve also got shit to do and I am afraid that this excuse just won’t cut it in this day-and-age what with all the devices around which allow you to set reminders and shit. Sorry bru, this one’s not gonna fly this time. What’s that? You have an old shitty Nokia? Well since you are so technologically challenged I would naturally assume that you keep some sort of a diary, right? Wrapped in moleskin. Put our date down in there you douche.

Correct me if you feel the need but by saying you are too busy and that I should remind you, aren’t you essentially saying that what we have planned together is not important enough for you to remember? Legit? It’s not like we’ve been mates since ages ago. Are you just not keen or is that how few fucks you are prepared to give?

This isn’t about me getting all sooky about you not remembering – or being willing to remember – or needing me to send you a message the morning of to remind you about the beer we planned to nurse together that evening. No not at all, bru. This isn’t even about whether I care that you, as my mate, want to spend time with me. You see the question here is whether you’re a man of your word? How much weight do you put behind your word? If you say you are going to be somewhere, will you be there? Does it matter to you that other men of the old school – myself included – judge a man by a handful of things, of which his word is one of them? Are you aware that your word is all you have and that once you have lost it you can never get it back?

Don’t get me wrong, I dig you. It’s for this reason that thought I should bring this to your attention because I want the best for you. Use it, don’t use. Hows about that beer later then? Yes? Ok cool.

Hands in. Come on don’t sulk. Get your hands in here. ‘Go team’ on three. Ready? One. Two. Three. Go TEAM!

You stay classy.



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