The 25 Best Films of 2013

I do love me a good movie. It’s the whole process that you go through. The pre-game, if you will. It starts way before the movie even hits the cinema’s when you stumble upon the trailer on Facebook or a platform much like this one. The next step is the wait-in-line-for-the-popcorn-and-coke step, which in all fairness is crucial because your decisions at this point in time is crucial to your enjoyment of said film. Each of us have our own tried-and-tested recipe and the best thing to do is NEVER stray from it. The last thing you want is to be struggling your way through a Salt and Vinegar slash Butter Salt box of popcorn with nothing more than a flavour drained cup of Slush Puppy ice to quench your thirst. Hell, I can’t think of anything worse. Once you’ve settled into your seat you double-check that your phone is on silent and wait in anticipation for the lights to dim and the entertainment to begin. It is at this point that I generally feel the urge to yell out at the screen “ENTERTAIN ME!”

2013 has been an interesting year of movies. Whilst we’ve had some fantastic movies come our way we certainly have had our fair share of shockers. Thankfully I’ve caught more of the fantastic than the shocker. Movies like The Great Gatsby, 12 Years A Slave and Pain & Gain were pure viewing pleasure and I’m glad I caught them on the big screen. put together a 11 minute montage of  their top 25 films of 2013 and whilst we weren’t privileged enough to have all of them available to view on big screen here, it certainly makes for a good list of films to make my way through in 2014. Enjoy

You stay classy.

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