A Whirlwind Finish To The Year

I’ve been quiet of late and my only excuse is a simple one: It’s that time of year where everyone and everything is manic. A little weak perhaps but it’s all I have. It’s like everyone came to a sudden realisation that we only have three weeks left in 2013 and so we all try to cram in those last-minute jobs, finish those final tasks or make that last second sale to push the figures. Understandably so as it feels like this year has literally flown by. They say time flies when you’re having fun so I guess that’s what I’ve done and I foresee bucket loads of fun in the future too because it is the silly season after all.

I felt summer for the first time last night. After a heavy days work I met a few mates at a café on the sidewalk for a few drinks and a laugh before we all take our various paths this Christmas. It was super to catch up with all and as I sat on the sidewalk with an ale in hand, the beautiful mountain behind me, the bay before me and a warm breeze blowing through my hair I had this wonderful feeling that summer had arrived. We have had a couple of belter weekends recently but I have been so consumed by work of late that I haven’t had the opportunity to truly appreciate them and so had yet to – until last night – truly believe that summer had arrived.

Grafting in the wine industry means that as the weather turns in the fairest Cape your life becomes insane. You see as the weather turns agreeable the tourist begin to arrive and this naturally sees more foreign currency being dropped at local restaurants. You see, after a long cold – and generally quite boring – winter we wine-slaves welcome this time period as we suddenly begin to see our stock move and the pressure from above lift. We smile and enjoying life during the summer. It’s a satisfying feeling knowing that at this moment I am reaping the benefits of the hard yards I put in during the winter, however, it’s not that I can sit back and chill for the next few summer months. No, no my dear friend. This is the silly season and there’s work to be done. Possibly more than what was needed to be done during winter, however, that being said the work loads can’t be compared as they are vastly different. Winter graft is about networking, drinking coffees and constantly being in people’s faces whilst summer is more about taking orders, making deliveries, doing tastings, drinking wine, laughing and philosophising about how good life is in Cape Town. It’s a good time but a hectic time.

The arrival of summer also means that I get the opportunity to take part in the gentleman’s game of cricket. I love the sport. It’s unique in that as much as it’s a team game it affords you the opportunity to pit yourself against the opposition on your own be it with bat or ball. In those moments it is you against them and I relish the opportunity to test myself in trying situations. As I mentioned before, I play for a drinking club with a cricket problem and as much as I relish the challenge mentioned above, my teammates play a huge role in why I play the game. They are a bunch of classy chaps and an absolute pleasure to be around. I went on tour with them recently and have only now come to fully appreciate the gravity of the weekend. It was intense at best and I can safely say that we pushed it harder this year than we did last. Perhaps a post in the near future is due although I may have to interview a few members of the tour to recall and construct some sort of cohesive rendition for you of what was a hellova revved up weekend. Keep your eyes out.

At this stage I am unsure what my plans are for the Christmas slash New Years period. For a stage I was planning to mission to Mozam but for various reasons – both political and personal – these plans fell through and left me with a bit of a “well what the fuck now” kind of feeling. I’m not worried about it though. All I need is the sun, the sand, the surf and a good book and I’m sorted. And maybe a little someone special next to me. I’ll admit that whatever prospects I had sorted – or thought I had sorted – all fell through of late too. Dammit what is going on here with all this falling through? Fokkit though, I’m not worried about that either. New beginnings are exciting.

Whilst things are hectic now, I’m convinced that it’s going to be a really good summer. It’s the vibe in the city. The excitement in the people. It’s like we all feel like we deserve nothing less than a cracking summer to cap off what has been a great year.

You stay classy.

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