They’ve Redone ‘Godzilla’

You’ll note by enthusiasm. It’s reasonably well documented that I am skeptical of any Hollywood remake as they tend to butcher the original. In this instance I am willing to give this film a chance as it can only improve from the 1998 Matthew Broderick version, which was shocking. Fucking shocking! We’re all up to speed with the Godzilla storyline. You know the oversized badass lizard who dishes out chaos on cities whilst withstanding everything the US military throws at it until some scientist or run-of-the-mill citizen figures out some code and-or plan which will bring the lizard crashing down in an explosion of glory. Ya that story. It’s highly unlikely that they have swayed to far from this scenario and in my opinion I’d go watch this with a massive hangover. It’s perfect for a putty mind as the dialogue is not going to require you to follow it too intently whilst the action and explosions will keep you entertained as you stuff your face with popcorn. Bargain if you ask me. Anyway this movie stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson – from Kickass – and Bryan Cranston – from Breaking Bad – and could be worth a viewing. Check out the trailer.

You stay classy.

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