I’m Coming In Hot

Hey guys, how things going? I’ve been away for a stage but am very stoked to be back and am looking forward to what 2014 has to offer. This time of year is always an exciting one for me as the potential which lies ahead gets me amped. It’s a chance to reflect on what has been and to take steps to go one better in the future. 2014 is going to be huge and I’m ready to get down on one knee and slog-sweep it out of the park!

2013 was an iffy year at best. It wasn’t drastically tough but it felt to me like I kept getting caught off-guard by the challenges thrown at me. It was a two-steps-forward-one-step-back kind of year and by the time December rolled around I was exhausted and in need of a serious break. You probably would have noticed that the regularity of my posts on The Noblest Rogue even took a hit by the end of 2013. This wasn’t because I didn’t have something to say or an opinion to give but purely because my mind was absolute putty by that stage. I was struggling to but my thoughts down on to the page and what with me only wanting to offer you the best on this platform, I wasn’t happy to offer up half-arsed writing.

My break was good and much needed. It was a chance to switch off and recharge the batteries. I didn’t have an exact idea of what I was going to do but knew that the beach and ocean would play a part in most of my actions. I’ve always found that the best place to chill out is lying under an umbrella on the beach with a good book in hand, the surf a couple of meters away and the smell of sun cream in the air. The best thing about the festive season is that everyone around you seems to slow down and let their hair down as they forget their business related stresses. Everyone has the same idea. It’s like this vibe in the air which you pick up on. It is hard to explain it but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. It’s almost like when the 20th December rolls around you feel the world give a sigh of relief and crack a freshy. It tells you that the year is almost at an end and you have earned the right to ease into the next one. What a feeling.

I’ve got into this New Years routine of taking it easy. For years I was keen to meet up with some mates and get rat-faced somewhere. I was content to completely write the 1st off in an attempt to come to grips with my hangover and the inevitable demons. Then a few years back a thought crossed my mind that perhaps the way you usher in the new year is indicative of the year you will experience. Of course this isn’t science but it made sense that if you enter the year going off your face in a ‘wild’ frame of mind then perhaps the likelihood of that mentality following you throughout the year is a good one, and vice versa. So a few years back I decided to test this theory and to be honest I am happy with the results. Yes I have a few whiskey’s and spark a few stogies. No I don’t sit in the corner and sulk. Yes I focus on the year that was and that which is before me. It’s a time of introspection and gets me very amped for what lies ahead. I kind of sort out all the bullshit and find my priorities for that year. It’s refreshing for me and I enjoy it.

I’m not one for resolutions because in my opinion at some stage you will break your resolution and then feel really shitty about yourself. Why do that to yourself? I prefer to give myself a list of achievements or changes I want to make to my life and then strive towards them. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t get them right but at the end of the day and with each new year I want to become a better human and so I set my challenges and achievements accordingly. It’s the small things. Be more happy, get outdoors more, look people in the eye, speak my mind more often. In the words of Mumford and Sons: “be more like the man you were made to be.”

So I’m recharged and ready to go. 2014 is going to be a great year. Aren’t you stoked for it? Let’s keep the positive vibes going. Check out a few pics I snapped of my vacation below.

You stay classy.

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