Radvertising: Denham Psycho

The Amsterdam division of Flickering Wall recently dropped a gem of an advert for the jeans company Denham and I have to admit it’s marketing brilliance. The fact of the matter is that city centre’s across planet earth have to contend with hipsters looking to out-skinny-jean, out-Instagram, out-hashtag and out-short-back-and-side their mates – Flat White and Latte in hand – in trying to present the ultimate vintage look. The question on everyone’s mind is what happens when one of them cracks? How far will they go to be Mr. Vintage? What depths are they willing to descend to so as to find themselves – Nazi boy scout haircut and all – standing above their hipster brethren? After watching this advert you will a) receive answers to these questions and b) feel like purchasing a pair of jeans. Denham jeans if possible. I shit you not.

Let’s not forget that this is an advert at the end of the day. A brilliant advert which draws you in. You can’t compare it to some of the shite which we see on our tellies or hear on the radios in South Africa. As  good as some of our adverts are we also seem to get some shockers hitting the airwaves. Too often for my liking but I’m not in advertising, so who gives a fuck?

Back to this jean-pant advert. They’re obviously spoofing American Psycho, the 2000 Mary Harron film about a New York investment banking executive – played oh so brilliantly by Christian Bale – who hides his psychopathic tendencies from his co-workers as he descends into his irrational and unjustified fantasies. It’s film brilliance. The Denham ad spoofs two scenes from the film. Firstly,  the ‘Business Card Scene’:

And secondly, the ‘Do you like Huey Lewis and the News’ scene:

So now that we have a brief background on all things American Psycho let’s have a look at this advert which I have punted for the last three paragraphs:

Good effort chaps. This gives me hope. Come on SA advertising, produce something like this.

You stay classy.


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