10 Professionals Every Gentleman Needs In Their Corner

As we gentlemen make our way through life we surround ourselves by those who build us up rather than break us down. This is crucial as life enjoys throwing the odd curve ball here and there and as often as we feel like we can handle these situations on our own, it is crucial to have a team of confidants around us to support us. I’ve spoken a lot about the image you as a gentleman portray to the world. It is a crucial aspect which should be reviewed on a regular basis as the ‘first impressions count’ holds so much sway these days. As unfortunate and materialistic as it may seem, this is the truth of the world we live in. Gather up the following professionals on your journey and you will no doubt maintain your sharp image.

1. A Good, Friendly Tailor

This is crucial. A good tailor is the key to taking affordable clothes off the rack and making them look fantastic. Give me a well-tailored ‘cheaper’ sports coat over an awkward fitting ‘expensive’ blazer any day. Your tailor – male or female – has to listen to what you want and deliver on that. With that being said, if you are heading of the deep end towards a bad alteration decision, they need to be able to express their opinion in a tactful manner. Remember that you are paying them to do what you want them to do and not to inflict their personal sense of style on you.

2. The Consistent Barber/Stylist

Your hair is the one thing which you wear everyday so like your tailor, you want someone who is going to listen. HEading into some mega-cut type of establishment where you get a different stylist each time is a definite no-no! Not only do you rid getting a douche cutting your hair but you also drop any potential consistency. You are a team with your barber so practice makes perfect.

3. A Great Bartender

These guys will introduce you to new spirits and beers and hopefully have an idea of various food pairings for your drink. They’ll be a friendly face when you’re dropping in on your own before heading out on a date. Be polite, respect their territory and talent, and tip well for their good service because a good bartender is better than gold.

4. Your Local Cobbler

Unfortunately this is a dying profession as most guys prefer shining and taking care of their shoes themselves, but when you need serious work done on your footwear, an honest-to-goones cobbler can perform miracles.

5. The Rare, Low Pressure, Jewellery Salesperson

There are two retail fiefs which always seem to be filled with more bad than good salespeople: Cars and jewellery. The thing which sets the good apart from the bad is the salesperson who helps you make the smartest decision. Even if this means a loss in commission for them in the process.

6. The Floor Manager At Your Favourite Clothing Store

These guys will be more than happy to strip the last jacket off the mannequin if you ask. They’re up to date with upcoming sales so get on their good side and they might share some of this info with you. Don’t expect them to. Shopping can be a complete drag so make your life easier by befriending a non-snotty, friendly yet non invasive salesperson.

7. A Solid Florist

Or at the very least know which grocery store in your area has the best flowers. It’s bad news and sets a poor image when you order a bouquet of flowers over the phone and it arrives looking measly. Then dies off within a day. Find a smaller shop and strike up a conversation with the owner. They’ll help you out.

8. Your UPS man/Mailman/FED Ex Delivery Driver

If you get a lot of packages it helps when they guy or girl stepping off the truck has a smile on their dial instead of a scowl. They’ll also be better about tucking your packages somewhere safe if you’re not around to collect. Throw a coffee shop gift card their way every so often if they’re awesome.

9. A Trustworthy Mechanic

I cannot stress this point enough. This isn’t about have a high performance vehicle with tons of street cred. This is about not getting ripped off. If that grinding noise coming from the from right of your engine is nothing more than a rock in the wheel, you want a mechanic that’ll tell you thats all it wass. Unnecessary car repairs can destroy your budget.

10. Your Doctor

Because looking your best is worth a damn unless you’re feeling your best. Especially if you’re dead.


There you have them. Use it. Don’t use it.

You stay classy.



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