Dude Perfect Offer Some Classic Gym Stereotypes

I’ve lost my fair amount of sweat inside a gym in my short existence thus far on Planet Earth. There was a stage where I was seriously dedicated to putting in hours on end within the gym in an attempt to become an animal. It worked but in all honesty it is just impossible to keep that shit up. The drugs I mean. Not the training. On a slightly more honest note, one aspect of gym life which I really enjoyed – and still do – was the people watching I got to do. I love checking out the various characters who dedicate at least an hour of their day to sweating it out in their local gym and boy are there some interesting people huffing and puffing their way through a regime. Because – for the most part – you never actually meet these characters and therefore don’t know their names, the inevitable happens and you call them by the way they act within the gym. Not to their face as this may be perceived by some as being rude but rather to a gym buddy when pointing the person out. You know, the “Hey check out The Mirror Magnet checking himself out over at the squat racks” or “did you hear The Screamer today whilst he was benching?” You know what I’m getting at here. The guys at Dude Perfect do too and made a classic stereotype video. Check it out.

You stay classy.


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