“And about fucking time” I hear you say. You’re right, of course, I have been away for what seems like an age. I have no excuse and am not even going to attempt to throw up some kind of bullshit line about how the day job has kept me ridiculously busy. I’m not even going to apologise. It is what it is. I’m back. That’s all that counts. Can you dig it?

In my last post I mentioned that The Noblest Rogue was set to evolve in the future and that another voice needed to be aired. Whilst it all sounded very dramatic at the time – and somewhat bipolar – in all honesty what I needed was to establish a better understanding of why I started The Noblest Rogue. What was the message I initially wanted to convey and was I achieving this? You see, I was preaching this whole chivalry/gentleman vibe yet posting pics of bikini-clad babes, which seemed a bit hypocritical to me at the time.

So I went away for a while and gave it some thought. I needed to find a middle ground. A way to justify my opinions. Not that I felt the need for justification. Just that I needed to offer some clarification on The Noblest Rogue. Check out my ABOUT page to understand what I’m on about here.

And there it is.

Either way, not much is going to change on The Noblest Rogue. You’ll get your daily serving of awesomeness here, regardless. What I will offer up at this point is that I’m going to be a little more straight forward in an attempt to run over the bush rather than around it. I’ll tackle some interesting thoughts with the utmost honesty and keep you engaged. Give me your thoughts if you feel the need.

You stay classy.



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