It seems that when the world is in need of some ego stroking, they take a selfie and post it to whatever social media platform they have pledged themselves to. Be it the Book of Face, Twitter, Instagram or all three it seems I can’t scroll anything without stumbling upon someone’s mug staring back at me with a shameful duck-pout of sorts begging for a slagging. But I’m a nice dude so I keep it civil. Most of the time. In all honesty the selfie craze has started to take that one step too far. I mean for fucks sake they’re writing songs about it now. With all that in mind, it’s a relief to come across Alex Chacón. Firstly, his selfies are taken in some awesome parts of the world and secondly they’re quite inspiring.

For 600 days, Alex travelled a distance of about 200,00 kilometres through 36 countries on five motorcycles, taking short selfie clips along the way with his GoPro. This guy set out on his adventure to work with less fortunate children selling off his worldly possessions to raise awareness and funding for charitable causes, while taking epic selfies along the way. He then compiled those clips into a three-minute YouTube video and documented his journey. Check out his website (, it’s worth a look.

How awesome does that sound? Not the documenting vibe. That’s cool and all. So is the cause behind his trip. I’m talking about the 600 day adventure through 36 countries on a motorcycle. I can’t even begin to imagine how brilliant that would be. There’s definitely a part of me which yearns to sell all my belongings, grab my surfboard and disappear in Indo for a few years. Just surf and wear nothing but a pair of boardies all day long. That would be a vibe!

You stay classy.



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