When the first trailers for the new Godzilla emerged I had mixed feelings. I’ve always felt that Hollywood are too quick to remake classics and often end up butchering the film rather than doing it justice. The 1998 Godzilla is a prime example of this and was the source of my mixed feelings as anything can be better than that piece of shite. With a storyline the likes of Godzilla, you’re never going to get much more than a skop, skiet en donder film with over the top explosions and special effects and what will set it apart are the actors. With that in mind, the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson – from Kickass – and Bryan Cranston – from Breaking Bad – give me hope that this remake will go one better than Matthew Broderick’s ’98 offering. I’ll big-screen this one the day after a big night.

You stay classy.



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