I understand. Asking girls out is one hell of an experience no matter what city you live in. Forget that the Cape Town chicks tend to be on the – how can I put this – stuck up side, but asking any girl – anywhere – out for a coffee or even just her number will get any dude’s heart a-thumping, palms a-sweating and vocab a-fading. Until now chaps. How I have never thought of this is beyond me. It shows how focused I am on giving you what you want and not what I want. Alas, ’tis my burden to carry. Anyway, back to the ‘until now’ part. Have you ever thought of maximizing your wingman? Have you ever thought of getting him to ask her what he should say to get a girl to go out with him and then you using her advice to him on her? That’s a lot of him’s, her’s and you’s in one sentence, right? Watch the video and you’ll understand what I’m on about and the brilliance of this ploy.

You’re welcome.

You stay classy.


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